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Welcome to my trade page. I have been collecting baseball cards for over 40 years, but am now just getting into the on-line trading. I am mainly a set builder, but do have a few player collections as well. My goal is to try and get at least 2 sets completed each month until I finish them all. I collect the base sets from Topps, Donruss, Fleer (not UD), Score and Upper Deck. I have a ton of set fillers for trade, so hopefully I have something that you will need to complete your sets, be it full sets, team sets or player sets. I have too many cards to list individually, so if I have the set listed on my set-fillers section, please send me a list and I will see what I have for you.

I can also be found on a number of trading sites, Sports Card Forum (35), Trading Card Central (5), Sports Card Freaks (7), Sports Card Haven (0), Hobby Kings (1),Trading Bases (40), Trader Retreat (2), Pat Neshek's On The Road site (7), Beckett (27), Topps (0), Freedom Cardboard (7), Blowout Cards forum (11), and my favorite, The Bench (661). I am under the same screen ID on all of them.

Good luck on your collection and thanks for checking out my page.

Page last updated 9/19/2020

Trading Bases trades with: Chris and Patrick Kahn (x2), Jim Goodried (x3), Jerry Robertson (x4), Jay McCarthy, Gary Sitze, Bobby Leonard, Mike Deeter, David Keller, Richard Blackmon, Pete Pianelli (x2), Michael Molek, Moises Mendoza, Marvin Boos (x2), Paul Browning, Mike Kelemen (x2), Michelle McDaniel, David Keller (x2), Sylvia Stryker, Mark Gilmore, Bob Loritz, Quincy Wong, Dave Redding, Stanley Miller, Jack Downs (x2), Patrick Musselman (x2), Greg Armentrout (x2), Chris Drosner, Ron Brown (IP), Bill McCaleb (x2), Vaughan Kastor, Bob Perrotta, Damian Varga, Maek Dawson, Ed Lohr, Rick Clopton, Bob Novy, Scott Nicholas, BJ Polk

Old BMB Good Traders:  KDH12, soxrule111, Nerk01, rascalmaster, bhk5150, tl1217 (x2), philsfan2006, 
klute1414 (IP) (x3), snapper, tigsfan, bigpapiMA32, rblackmon, beaboy, KOOLTRADER, ajmennuti, megatidefan, af10, christianfriend, chippernate, jacobbocce72, numba1yankeefan, sebpoo32, dlee15, mmahoney

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Also Canada, UK, Puerto Rico, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany

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Just need a trader from Washington DC to trade with me to fix that little white dot on my traders map. Are you the one?

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